This is a fairly current me. Dennis Clark

The picture below is a 4-space cube or tesseract. N-space cubes contain all sorts of fascinating symmetries. The sets of colored lines create lesser n-cubes within the tesseract. Things like cubes, squares, lines, and points are all sub-space cubes of the tesseract.

A 4-space cube

If your browser is set to see animated pictures the colored lines above will appear and disappear.
They make pretty pictures, but what do they mean?

A fifth grade student can draw a 5-space cube once they are shown how. And with a bit of high-school binary math you can create N-cubes of any dimension. This is a 5-space cube. If you click on the 5-cube, it will show you a monster 8-space cube.

A 5-space cube

This is the Chinese Ring Puzzle. The object is to get the blue wire handle off of the green-ring thingy. The order of moves to solve the puzzle is a Gray Binary Counting Sequence discovered several hundred years ago.
The Chinese invented the puzzle several thousand years ago.

I've always wanted to fly. I think Hang Gliders are the most fun way to fly. It's a real thrill when you hit a thermal that puts you on an UP elevator at more than a thousand feet per minute. Yes. They can go Down that fast too.

Fourth Mountain Flight hang gliding

I'm paraplegic, (can't walk) but I can still water ski, snow ski, kayak, swim, crank a handcycle and even fly a hang glider.

paddling a kayak

I have had the pleasure of playing the cello in small string ensembles and I used to play in the Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra (ORSO).

a violincello

My Amateur Radio callsign is WB4UFG. These days, everyone uses cell phones, but in an emergency such as a tornado, Ham Radio is sometimes the only reliable communications available.

ARRL symbol

In addition to my personal website, I enjoy designing websites like CCOR


and the Knox County disAbility Resource Center.


Working on them keeps me out of trouble - most of the time.