The normal view through my too high windows

My home has a window that is too high for me to see anything except trees and sky. I sit in a wheelchair and cannot get close enough to the window to see my driveway below the window. The first picture is the view I normally have through that window.

A close-up view through my window

The second picture is a close-up view of the same window. I cannot see anything except trees and sky. But, I need to see if someone is in my driveway. Frustrating!

A wide-angle Fresnel lens gives me a better view

An inexpensive solution is to buy a $10.00 wide-angle, flexible plastic, Fresnel lens which can be semi-permanently stuck to the window using water. This particular one is advertised as a better way to see what is behind a van. You stick this lens on your van's back window and it gives you a much wider rear view from the driver's seat. The lens gives a different view depending on whether you see through the front or the back side of the lens. Viewed frontwards, as in this picture, you get a view where lines (like trees or telephone wires) appear to be straight.

Turning the lens backwards makes it even wider-angled.

If the lens is viewed from the back side, (as seen in the final picture) you get an even wider-angled view, but straight lines appear to be curved close to the edge of the lens. For my driveway window, I use the lens backwards because it gives the widest view possible. It also shows objects that are lower than I can normally see. Many companies make Fresnel lenses. This particular one came from