Shoot them Clay Pigeons

The Patricia Neal Innovative Recreation Cooperative (IRC) occasionally holds an adaptive trap shoot clinic. This one was on May 12, 2006. Three of us with paraplegia gave it a shot, (so to speak) two of us for the first time. Considering how little experience we had shooting, we ended up doing fairly well and we learned that trap shooting is essentially as easy for us as it is for able bodied individuals.

Al and Tom listening to the safety rules

As with any event involving guns, it is crucial to get instructions and safety rules first. That's what Al and Tom are doing here. We learned the range rules and safety precautions and trap-shooting etiquette.

Tom's camo vest helped him shoot more accurately

Each of us is using a 12 gauge shotgun with 2 3/4 inch shells. Obviously, Tom has shot before. He has a camo vest! It must have helped him because he scored better than the rest of us.

Dennis appears to be shooting the wrong way!

No - Dennis isn't shooting in the wrong direction. It's just that the photographer took the picture from the left instead of the right side. Everyone else concluded he was shooting in the wrong direction - he didn't hit the clay pigeon that often.

Jimmy, zeroing in on the bird

Jimmy was new to trap shooting but showed us all up by hitting the pigeon with his first shot. I won't tell you about most of his other shots (he said the gun barrel must have been bent downward or something). Actually, we each ended our session by hitting the birds six times in a row! I don't know how we did it, but we just started zeroing in on those clay pigeons. We were amazed.

The trap field has 25 shooting stations and a trap house.

Here's a general idea about what a trap field looks like. We didn't use any special adaptive equipment. As usual, moving a wheelchair on bumpy ground can be entertaining, but rolling over the ground in a "wheelie" made getting around much easier. Other than that, we didn't have any problems on the range. If you'd like, give it a try yourself. It's fun!