Big Towels are Cumbersome

It isn't important in the grand scheme of things but I used to use really large towels after a shower. I couldn't stand small towels because they always got wet before I got dry. I really liked those big fluffy towels. I really disliked the small ones. That was before my Spinal Cord Injury.

Big Towel too big for wheelchair

As you can see here, there is a problem with big towels and wheelchairs. There's just too much towel to conveniently use if you're sitting in a wheelchair.

Handtowels work better

I now use mostly handtowels. They're a convenient size and don't get in my way. Although they still get wet before I get dry, I compensate by using several of them. I still lay a big towel on the bed after a shower. That absorbs any excess moisture I haven't been able to get with the small towels. I usually get dressed sitting in the bed.