Get a Grip on it

Many people, including able-bodied folks, have trouble gripping objects. Screwdrivers, for instance. I can't hold them tight enough to drive a screw into whatever. Jar lids are another. And a big problem for me is my handcycle crank. Twenty-some miles into a ride, my hands are sweaty and slide off the metal grips. Here are a few easy ways to fix the problem.

The Gun Craft owners at work

The best solution for the handcycle crank is at Dick's Sports. It's called an NFL Receiver's glove. It has a plastic or rubbery palm that sticks like glue to anything it touches. No wonder those guys make fantastic catches.

Jason filling out gun range paperwork

Another easy solution is an old bicycle inner-tube. Just cut out a piece of the tube and either wrap it around the object (like the screwdriver) or you can slip it over the end of a screwdriver and it works like a charm. As long as the rubber is between your hand and the tool, it provides a great grip.

Gun Craft Sports Inc. Knoxville

For jar lids, perhaps the best solution is one of those rubber disks you can get at the grocery store.