Low-down Hockey

For those who have never seen Sled Hockey here are two quick pictures just to let you know what the sleds, sticks and helmets look like. The game is played almost exactly like ice hockey.

Wide Runners, Narrow Runners

Some of the sleds have two runners widely separated. They are used by Novice Sled Hockey players and for players who have balance problems. More advanced sledders use two runners that are very close together. You can see an example of wide and narrow sled runners in this picture. The player sets up the sled so that he or she can lean back a little to lift up the front of the sled. This lifts the front runner off of the ice so that the player can spin rapidly in a small circle.

Sled Hockey Sticks / Propulsion

In Sled Hockey the player's sticks are much shorter than regular hockey sticks. They also have cleats on one end. The players move by pushing themselves with the cleated end of the stick jammed into the ice. The other end of the stick is used to hit the puck.

Sled Hockey takes strength and conditioning.

You may be able to find a Sled Hockey league or team in your area. They seem to have disappeared in Tennessee. Good Luck!