Shower Chair Installed Backwards

Shower chair

I have a small bathroom. There isn't enough room to get close to a shower chair that faces the showerhead because the wheelchair has to get too close to the toilet. It was just too cramped to transfer from my wheelchair into the shower. My solution was to just turn the shower chair around so that it faces the back of the shower. I transfer from my wheelchair to the toilet and from the toilet to the shower chair which is extra work, but at least I can get into the tub (shower) easily.

Turning the shower chair away from the shower controls means I have to reach behind my back to activate them. I did install an extra long shower-head hose which I anchor to the side wall with a suction mount. All in all, it isn't too convenient. But without remodeling the whole bathroom, it's an inexpensive option. One of these days when we become millionaires, we'll remodel the bathroom so that it is more accessible.