An Awesome Individual

Mr. Morton has a very interesting web site that shows how he has adapted to life with paraplegia. He kindly gave me (HowToAdapt webmaster) permission to copy part of his home page here. He has accomplished a great deal, and is a great example of what a person can do in spite of living with a spinal cord injury. You can visit his site at:

Rick Morton 1999

I am a paraplegic and have been since an automobile accident in December of 1977. In that time I have learned not only how to survive but prosper. I assume that if you have found this little place on the Internet it is because you have performed a search looking for sites that have a connection with the disabled community, specifically paraplegia. For some time, I have wanted to share my experiences with others, mostly the recently disabled, in the hope of smoothing their transition to post-injury life. It is my opinion that some of the so-called experts that make their living from assisting the disabled, don't have a clue (of course there are always exceptions. . . . ) as how to really help them. On my website, you will find out about me, my limitations, my hobbies and health. Also you will discover some of the tools and adaptations that I use to make my life easier and more fulfilling. One central idea that I can't over emphasize is to never make your life dependent on too many adaptations. Doing so will greatly limit you in surviving in the real world which is still a hostile place for wheelchairs and I believe will remain so.