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Light Switches

It can be very inconvenient to try to turn light switches on or off, especially when I'm in bed. A touch sensitive light switch can help solve this problem. It is also inconvenient to have to find a light switch while I'm rolling into a room in a wheelchair in the dark. Sometimes the switch is on the other side of the room and I crash into things trying to get to the switch. A motion detector light switch can solve this problem. Both switches can be found in stores like Home Depot for ten to fifteen dollars each. The increased safety and convenience of using these switches is well worth the money.

All I have to do is touch the lamp.
I can turn this lamp on or off by touching any metal part of it. This lamp is all metal, even the base which is about all I can reach at 3:00 am when I'm sound asleep and need to turn on the lamp.

This switch fits into a lamp socket.
This particular switch actually just screws into a lamp socket. The light is then screwed into the switch. There are many different types of touch sensitive switches. Some lamps come with a touch sensitive switch already installed. The switches are around eight or ten dollars.

Switch installation is simple
Installing the touch sensitive light switch is as simple as screwing in a light bulb - twice; once for the switch itself, and once for the light.

Motion Detector Light Switch
Motion detector light switches are a great convenience. They are three position switches. Press the switch to its upper position and the light automatically turns on when you come into the room. It stays on for anywhere from fifteen seconds to fifteen minutes depending on how you set its internal timer. The other two positions manually turn the light on or off like a normal switch.

An Electrician should install this switch
If you are unfamiliar with electrical circuits have a qualified electrician install this switch. Notice in this picture you can see a little green light in the middle of the switch. This indicates that the detector sensed motion and has turned the light on. I have several of these switches in our home and my wife really likes them when she walks through the house at night.

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