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  Innovative Recreation Cooperative (IRC)

The Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center (PNRC) is the largest rehabilitation facility in the state of Tennessee and surrounding areas providing treatment to individuals who have suffered injuries resulting in physical or mental disabilities. PNRC serves its patients by empowering them through physical rehabilitation, recreational rehabilitation, and relearning of day-to-day activities to cope with their recent disabilities.
Patients benefit from rigorous daily therapies with trained professionals specializing in rehabilitative fields. Once they regain the ability to function in their outside lives, they have the opportunity to participate in an array of community activities designed for continued learning and recreation through the Patricia Neal Innovative Recreation Cooperative (IRC).

horse back riding snow skiing
water skiing wake boarding
parasailing weight training
self-defense basketball
golf and paddling

are among the activities sponsored by the IRC. The participants require specialized equipment which is provided by donations. Volunteers spend many hours assisting participants the day of the activity. The Patricia Neal IRC has a website at:". You can learn more about the PNRC at:

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