Gun Craft Sports Inc. Knoxville

Adaptations at an Indoor Gun Range

Coal Creek Armory of Knoxville, TN and the Patricia Neal Innovative Recreation Cooperative (PNIRC) host a Gun Safety Clinic for challenged individuals.

The Gun Craft owners at work

The very cordial owners of Coal Creek Armory have a very carefully created list of strict rules that every person who uses their indoor gun range must follow. Safety first!

Jason filling out gun range paperwork

Those rules are spelled out exactly on an "information sheet" that everyone must carefully read and sign. If you just skim over the information you'll have to do it over again. It's a reading comprehension test that you must pass! Safety First!

Jason's adaptive rifle 'holder'.

Jason, the young gentlman in the background stabilizes his rifle using the holder or cradle you see here. The rifle is secured to the cradle which is subsequently attached to his wheelchair. Notice that is also camouflaged for hunting - not just range firing.

Last minute gun range safety instructions

He's getting last minute gun range safety instructions including what to do when the buzzer sounds and how to handle the weapons on the range.

Securing the rifle to the wheelchair

Jason's rifle was already secured to the cradle. Now the cradle is being attached to his wheelchair.

All he needs now is a target

He's almost ready now. He needs to have a target taped to the cardboard and then the target will whiz back to either a 7, 15, or 25 yard distance.

green wire trigger finger

Jason sights normally along the rifle barrel. He aims by moving the power wheelchair with a joystick control. He pulls the trigger by putting the green wire inside the trigger guard and gently pulling backwards with his arm.

Tom firing a 22 pistol

Tom is firing a 22 calibre pistol and is steadying his arms on a low table.

Dennis firing a 9 mm pistol

Dennis decided to try firing without stabilizing his arms and consequently didn't score as tight a shot group as Tom.

The target suffered grievous harm

Nevertheless, everyone had a grand time - all except for the targets which suffered numerous critical wounds. Thank you - Coal Creek Armory folks and Al Kaye with the IRC.