Platinum Reacher,

The Medline Platinum Reacher

For over 14 years, I've tried many different kinds and brands of reachers or "grabbers". If you have good arm, hand and finger strength, the Platinum Reacher which used to be called the Golden Retriever Reacher works very well. It is strong, and can be used to pick peanut butter jars off of kitchen shelves. If they still make it, you can find the Platinum Reacher on where I have seen it listed 2 for $23.25, or at Medline 1 for $24.00, or you can get it at Walgreens. I also saw a similar one on Amazon listed as - Grabber Buddy Reacher Pick Up Tool Rubber Tips Ergonomic Handle 48". Hmm. The patent must have expired.

Getting into the washer.

The Platinum Reacher makes it easy to get to the bottom of the washer where a stray sock or pencil inevitably hides - just barely out of reach.

Getting into the dryer.

The same goes for the dryer. I own three Platinum Reachers. One stays downstairs for the washer, dryer, and garage shelves which are stuffed with junk to the ceiling.

I use it in the bathroom

One of them stays in the bathroom. When I am in the shower, I use it to push the shower curtain over the expansion joint of the curtain rod. I use the Platinum Reacher to get into the cabinet which is behind, and over my head.

It's a wrap-around belt

I can reach all of our towel racks. I can grab my wheelchair which occasionally rolls out of reach. I reach for shaver, hair brush, books, magazines - you name it, I reach for it.

It accesses the far corners of the closet.

My bathroom had a Miserable, little closet that is too narrow and deep for Anyone to reach to the far back side. That 31"-long Platinum Reacher made the closet accessible.

I use it in the kitchen extensively.

And, of course, I use it in the kitchen where almost everything is out of reach. It is mechanically sturdier than any other reacher I have ever tried. It can lift much heavier things. Sometimes I support it with my other hand when I use it to lift heavy objects. Even my wife uses it! Of course, she's just a shorty anyway. Gotta pick her up just to say hello.

The short one's useful in my office.

It appears that Medline bought the rights to the original Golden Retriever which used to be at (no kidding). There used to be Golden Retrievers of three different lengths, but since about 2009, I have only seen the 31 inch Platinum Reacher advertised by Medline. Here, you see the shortest Golden Retriever which I use in my office.