I need Power at Home

Since our home has two floors, I need an elevator. I also need a gas generator to provide electricity to the elevator when our power goes out. Otherwise, I'm stuck. Been there, done that, don't like it! So in 2014 we installed a 14k generator which services the whole house except for really cold days when our heat pump changes over to all-electric heat. When that happens, we turn on the natural gas stove downstairs and recirculate hot air throughout the house. Otherwise, the generator powers everything.

The generator isn't large

The generator sits outside and is locked for security. It comes on automatically whenever we lose power for over twenty seconds. It is a good feeling when the power goes out and our generator comes on. It saves our ice cream too.

The generator does not require a whole lot of maintenance. We check to see that it has oil once in a while. We listen for its 15 minute self-test once a week. We also listen to make certain it is running smoothly. About twice a year we have a maintenance man change the oil and check the connections, voltage, and other arcane generator mysteries. Other than that, it just runs itself when necessary.

Generator requires light maintenance

We lose power frequently enough that I need to have battery backup power to my computer. So I have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that "floats" on top of the normal 120v AC current. When we lose power, the UPS kicks in immediately and keeps my computer equipment running. The UPS is good for about a half hour of electrical power for the computer - more than enough time for the gas generator to come online.

The combination of having a gas generator and UPS isolates my equipment from voltage surges and protects us from power outages. Aaah. Let there be light!