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Carmike Cinema Free Pass

If you have to use a wheelchair Carmike Cinemas will let you into its movies for free. You get in for free at any movie they show. Carmike Cinemas can be found nation-wide and the policy is the same at all of their theaters.

Car License Tags

Car license tags are free if you personally go and get them while in your wheelchair. The mirror placard is also free.

Airport Parking

Someone told me that accessible parking at airports and other government installations was free to anyone with a placard or disabled license plate. They were wrong! I called the ADA Information Line at (press 7 for a real person) and was told that as far as paying for parking - disabled people get treated just like everyone else. Oh well. Nice try.

Pre-Board airplanes

Be sure to to request to pre-board on an airplane. This helps prevent causing a traffic jam while the rest of the passengers are boarding. Also, be sure to ask for bulk-head seating. While you may not be able to stretch your legs you're likely to need the extra room just to transfer into your seat.

Thanks and a hat's tip to Shawn Malloy for these tidbits.

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