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Four Inch Curbs

My physical therapists taught me to go up a two inch curb with my wheelchair. Then I graduated to a four inch curb. I eventually was able to go up a six inch curb. But, I get out of practice if I don't go up curbs frequently.

A home-made four inch practice curb
It turns out that I am lazy. I don't want to go out somewhere in the world just so I can practice going up four inch curbs. But I do occasionally need to go up a four or six inch curb so I need to practice. I solved the problem by making my own four inch practice curb in my basement. It is a very simple curb. I bought a 3/4 inch piece of plywood four feet long and four feet wide. I also bought two, eight foot long two by four inch pieces of wood. I already had some long wood screws which I used to fasten the two by fours to the plywood with the result you see here. I put a hole in the middle of each side of the platform so that I can lift it out of the way.

Going up my curb
Now I can use my practice curb in my basement instead of going outside where it might be raining or stifling hot or cold. I wear leather gloves to keep from catching my thumbs in my wheelchair brakes. I also wear a helmet just in case I accidentally go over backwards in the wheelchair while practicing. I find that when I am in really good form getting up on my four inch curb I can get up a six inch curb without too much trouble.

Going down my curb
Once I'm up on my four inch platform I have to get back down. I put my chair into a wheelie position and get close to the edge of the platform with my main wheels. Once I feel stable, I gently rock over the edge of the platform and drop to the floor. I keep my chair in a wheelie position after dropping to the floor and roll back against the platform. Once my back wheels are touching the platform I am in a very stable wheelie position that is easy to maintain. When I am able to consistently drop down and roll back without going forward more than a few inches -

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