How I enter my 1986 F150 Pickup Truck

Getting into my 1986 Ford F150 pickup truck is a challenge. Very few vehicles with a clutch have adaptive controls, so I cannot drive my truck. However, I can get into the passenger seat even though it isn't particularly easy.

Truck seat gets in the way

I have to put my left leg in before I can lift myself into the truck. Since the truck is high compared to my wheelchair, my left leg gets in the way when I try to shift myself over and up onto the seat.

Truck seat is too high

My leg actually gets caught under the seat when I try to lift myself into the truck.

I put my leg on the seat

The solution that works for me is that I put my leg up on the truck seat. Even though the truck seat is far above where my foot will eventually end up, putting my foot on the seat keeps my knee from being trapped under the seat when I lift myself up.

An Awkward foot position

My solution doesn't work for everybody. It is very awkward. It does, however, enable me to get into my truck.

Lifting off my wheelchair

Once my leg is in position (seen here where my head would be if it weren't ducked forward) I then push on the truck seat and the door arm rest.

My hip goes onto the truck seat

I push myself up and shift my hip over to the truck seat. My left leg slips down to the floor by itself. My right leg just hangs out of the door.

Almost in the truck

I'm almost in the truck. All I have to do is lift my right leg into the truck.

Safely in the truck

Once I'm safely inside the truck I can reach down to the wheelchair, take the wheels off, and fold the chair into its smallest form. Sometimes I ask my wife to put the chair into the truck bed. If I've been good, she usually does.

Bailing out of the truck

The truck seat is so far above the wheelchair I almost need to parachute to get back into the wheelchair. It's sort of a controlled fall. It is easier than getting into the truck though.