How I enter my 2001 Ford F150 Supercab Pickup Truck

I own a 2001 Ford F150 Supercab pickup truck. Since I have a pickup truck instead of a van I don't need a wheelchair lift, wheelchair floor lock and seatbelt, and special, movable driver's seat costing a total of around $5000. All I need is an adaptive control lever located on the left side of the steering column. That lets me control both the brake and the gas pedal with my left hand as I drive. The pictures here show how I get into the truck from my wheelchair. Other people do it differently because they are bigger, smaller, heavier or lighter, and because they may have totally different capabilities than me. This just shows how I do it myself.

Two doors are better than one

It really helps to have two driver's side doors, one of which opens toward the back of the truck. That gives me much more room to get into the truck and get the wheelchair inside too.

Both feet on the floor

I put both of my feet on the floor. My knees will have to bend toward the left when I push up into the driver's seat. If they don't bend, they can get caught below the top edge of the seat. That would keep me from popping up to the seat.

My hands will press on the door and seat

One hand goes on the door's arm rest, the other goes at the back edge of the driver's seat. I'll be pushing down with my arms and swing my hips up and over to the seat.

A quick press-up

I've just barely completed the press up to the seat. You'll notice that my knees did bend, enabling me to get up onto the seat. You can also see that the seat back is pushed down as far as possible. This gives me more room to work in.

Removing the wheelchair seat pad

Next, the wheelchair seatpad comes off. It attaches to the wheelchair with Velcro to keep it from moving around. I installed a hand grip over the door. It comes in handy when I have to lean out of the cab to grab something.

Turn the wheelchair

I grab the wheelchair and turn it around so I can remove one of the quick-release wheels.

Quick release wheels

You just press a button in the middle of the wheel and it comes right off. Quick release wheels are great!

Last wheel off

The other wheel comes off and is placed against the other wheel.

In goes the chair

I lift the chair body into the truck. It folds down a bit so that it takes up less room.

Room to work

You can see that putting the seat all the way back really gives me the room I need to get the chair around and into the back.

I'm in

Finally, the wheels go into the back. I close the doors and raise the seatback. The whole process takes around a minute and then I'm ready to go.