Dancing with my girlfriend who has a spinal cord injury

Dancing is for everyone. How you dance only depends on what your physical abilities are. With a little ingenuity a person with a spinal cord injury (paraplegia) can still dance with their partner.

My girlfriend has a spinal cord injury and cannot walk.

My girlfriend has a spinal cord injury and cannot move her legs by themselves. She uses a wheelchair and would really like to be able to dance with me.

Leg braces enable her to walk with a walker

She has a walker and leg braces which lock at the knee to keep her leg from bending. This enables her to walk, but that is still a long way from dancing.

I put her feet on mine so I can move them.

So we dance by putting her feet on top of my feet. We move side-to-side which raises one leg from the ground. I can then steer her foot because it is on top of mine.

We have to hold onto each other tight!

I have to hold her waist with my hand to keep her from bending at the hips. At the same time she holds onto my neck with her arms. We have to stay real close, but that's the whole idea anyway.

But now we can dance!

With a little practice, we can dance like you see here. It means a lot to both of us to be able to dance like this.