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Wheelchair bound cooking can be dangerous Supersize

Cooking Safely

It can be dangerous trying to cook dinner while confined to a wheelchair. I have a tendency to drop things. That's not good if you're cooking. Since I have no feeling in my legs I can be burned by grease spatters and not realize it. If I were to spill boiling water or soup from a pan onto my lap I would sustain severe burns. Countertops are usually too high for convenient stirring. Stove range tops are also too high. Because they are too high and I am sitting down in a wheelchair it is very easy to accidentally spill things onto my lap. And using one hand to hold a pot and the other to move the wheelchair just makes me go around in circles.

A wooden cutting board on my lap has many advantages Supersize
These problems can be solved by placing a wooden cutting board on my lap while I cook. The cutting board shields my legs from hot spatters. It also serves as an insulated table so that I can put hot pans on my lap without burning my legs. I can also stir hot items with the pans at a convenient level in front of me. I can carefully move the wheelchair from the stove to the dinner table with the hot food on the cutting board, freeing my hands to move the wheelchair.

Thanks and a hat's tip to Stephanie Cook.

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