Closing Doors The Easy Way

If you spend a lot of time in a wheelchair you know that it is frustrating to try to close a door that you have just gone through. The door handle is out of reach.

Closing a door can be Inconvenient

After you have gone through a door you have to reach far behind you to grab the door knob to close the door. Not only is it uncomfortable, but if you back up to where you can reach the door handle, the wheelchair is in the doorway so you can't close the door.

A rope or cord on the doorknob

One thing I tried was to put a rope or cord on the doorknob. When I sped through the door I would grab the rope and pull the door closed behind me. This works, but it takes coordination because I can't push and steer the wheelchair while holding onto the rope.

Bungee cord on the door

I tied a bungee cord to the door to see if that worked better than a rope. Not really. I think a longer rope would have worked better. Nevertheless, I still had to move quickly through the door, grab the rope and hold onto it, and hope the wheelchair didn't run into anything because I couldn't steer it with just one hand.

An extra door handle helps

The best solution was to install a handle on the wrong side of the door. That is, I screwed a handle on the edge of the door that is closest to the door hinges. That way, I can go completely through the door and then reach back and pull the door closed behind me.

Wrong Side Door Handle

Here's a view of the extra door handle by itself. It is three or four inches away from the edge of the door.

Handle installed higher than the door knob

I installed the handle higher than the door knob because when I reach back my hand is higher than the door handle.