Charlie's Chair Lift

Charlie needs a little help transferring from a wheelchair to the car's seat.

The leg braces viewed by themselves

There are many different kinds of lifts for vehicles. This one is controlled by a wired remote and lifts Charlie. Another type (not shown here) lifts the chair from beside the driver's door into the bed of a pickup truck. The lift fits inside the bed of the truck itself.

A close-up of the reciprocating gait mechanism

This one lifts Charlie up from the seat, swings him outside the vehicle, and lowers him to a waiting wheelchair.

Walking with the braces

His parents usually place the wheelchair close-by. Charlie then positions it where he wants it.

Standing in the real EZ stand

The above photo shows the remote clearly as Charlie is lifted back up into the vehicle.

Standing in the real EZ stand

Safely back inside, Charlie will eventually be able to remove his wheelchair wheels and stow them and the wheelchair inside by himself.