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I can play cello from my wheelchair, but my feet dangle.

Cello Playing

Every Spinal Cord Injury is different. I fractured my T7 vertebrae and pretty well smashed my T12. I also broke my left scapula and injured the nerves that run through the scapula. Broke a rib, too. The injury resulted in complete paraplegia; no feeling or voluntary movement from the waist down. I hit my head pretty good too but still seem to have my memory.

I am steadier playing from a padded, regular chair
Let's see... where was I? Oh, yes. Luckily, I have good use of my upper body which means I can still play the cello. Hmm... Doesn't sound very good, but I think that might be because I haven't practiced for three years.

The cello is cradled between my legs
To play, I should transfer to a normal height chair so my feet are flat on the floor. (See pic #1) That would stabilize my body better. It wouldn't add to a performance if I fell over like Humpty Dumpty.

I wouldn't want to sway when I play.
The chair must be padded like my wheelchair to protect my tailbone. My natural cushion is disappearing because of muscle atrophication. Ten minutes sitting on the wrong surface could give me a terrible sore that wouldn't heal for months.

I'd play better if I practiced more.
I'm pretty lucky. I can still play the cello without adaptation except for sitting on a special cushion. I could play the piano except for the foot pedal(s). I guess I could make a pressure sensitive mouth switch. That, and I'd really have to practice. I never was a good pianist!

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