Who says you Can't?

Because Doug sustained a spinal cord injury in his neck, his doctor told him he would never walk, drive a car, or participate in any of the sports he loves. They just labeled Doug as a quadriplegic and told him not to expect much out of life.

White water catarafting on the Nantahala

But guess what. Doug didn't believe his doctor. He figured he was actually pretty lucky. First, he was alive. Second, he is a high-level quad with pretty much full use of his hands, arms and shoulders. Third, Doug doesn't quit, just because of a terrible spinal cord injury or people who tell him he can't..
Today, two years after the accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down, Doug drives a car, lives independently, rides an off-road handcycle, and rafts on white water in a cataraft using a five-point, quick-release harness.
Now, just what was it he that can't do?
Watch his first time out in the cataraft on YouTube.