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My muscles aren't symmetric

Bungee Belly Belt

I'm sort of lopsided because my spinal cord injury (SCI) affects my left side more than my right. My left-side abdominal muscles are extremely weak compared to my right side abdominals. This makes my left side bulge out because there is no muscle tone on my left side. It is actually painful because my intestines do not have their normal support and they get stretched out of shape too.

A wide elastic band for my stomach
To help keep my innards tucked nicely inside me where they should be, I sometimes wear an eight inch elastic belt with a velcro closure at the ends. I call the elastic band my Bungee Belly Belt. It keeps the left side of my abdomen from stretching painfully.

It's a wrap-around belt
The belt just wraps around my middle and sticks to itself because of the Velcro.

The belt relieves abdominal pain
The belt helps relieve the abdominal pain that results from the intestines pushing against abdominal muscles that have been weakened due to my SCI.

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