Bathroom sink cabinet front removed

Bathroom Sink Modification

The bathroom is the room most in need of modification for someone who uses a wheelchair. Usually, there are cabinet doors and storage space underneath the bathroom sink. Frequently, it keeps a person in a wheelchair from getting close enough to the sink. In my case, the cabinet doors and storage space had to go. It was an easy job to rip out the doors and floor of the cabinet space. I also had to put some duct tape on the bottom-side of the ceramic sink. It turns out they don't finish the bottom side of the sink, and it had some "bubbles" in it that left sharp edges that cut my knees when I rolled under the sink. Now, instead of barely being able to use the bathroom sink, I can roll right under it with my knees straddling the plumbing. It is a huge convenience to be able to get close enough to the sink, especially when I'm washing my face or brushing my teeth.